#1 Dr. Henric Hannes, PhD

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Dr. Henric Hannes, PhD

Dr. Henric Hannes, PhD, a tenured professor of astral physics at the University of Portsburg Academy of Science and Technology (affectionately known on campus as uPAST), is the world’s leading astral and solar physicist.  Known for his research into the conversion of energy from the sun into usable energy on Earth, he is also an accomplished inventor and leader in the Portsburg community. Dr. Hannes and his wife, Rebecca Hannes, PhD, run the Solar Lab and plan to have the first working prototype of their energy converter ready to debut within the year.  Hopes are high that a fully functional machine can be in place before the decade is out which could potentially provide an endless amount of free energy to the entire United States.

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  1. The doctor looks like he’s got a lot going on upstairs.

  2. Very nice, Eric! All of that tech and he still has to use a rotary phone? Office shenanigans!

  3. Eric White says:

    HaHa! I’m glad you notices that Keith!! 😀

    I wasn’t sure if anyone would get that.

    Stay tuned…there’s a lot more things to discover about the Solar universe.

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