#04 Marge Hickaby

| November 4, 2010 | 2 Comments

Suck it in, girl.

Not a lot of the performers like Marge’s abrupt attitude when it comes to dressing and costuming, but she’s known to work fitting miracles and has never had a performer late to stage on account of wardrobe.

Rumor has it, one of the chorus line girls split an embarrassing seam running along her… lower-lower back *cough* and Marge mended it from behind the stage curtain in 1 minute 27 seconds flat before the girl had to show her back side to the audience during the dance.

She’s just that good.

Category: Drama, Humor

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  1. Betsy Luntao says:

    Had to rush this one a bit… 😛

  2. amb0rg says:

    Hah, I love her! So efficient!

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