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Tyr is a character I am going to introduce in my Sci-fi comic story… Can’t wait to show off some of these things off to you… Here is only a taste of bigger things to come.

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  1. Chris Tupa says:

    Neat guy! I like all the sketches in the background, he seems like he’d be a blast to draw!

  2. I like this guy. Seems like he’s based off a yeti? Definitely want to see more of him, though. Like Chris, I love the background sketches. He looks oddly charming in a way I can’t quite put my finger on.

  3. This dude looks like he could have been on that ice planet on Empire Strikes Back. Love the colour scheme and face!

  4. Bob Learned says:

    Yes, he does live on an icy/snow planet… He is very fun to draw… and He is a very like-able and caring character.

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