#10 Lt. Theron Jones

| November 10, 2010 | 3 Comments

The pilot for Odin Squadron 4, Theron is a solid pilot with a solid flight record. In stark contrast to the Valkyrie’s Lt. Gomez, Theron is not an outright daredevil. He relishes the thrill of flying, but he also likes staying alive after doing so. He’s often serves as the voice of reason when his teammates want to go off and kill something without a plan or just cry in the corner.

Poor Theron. He’s surrounded by lunatics.

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I am the author of the webcomic Valkyrie Squadron (http://www.valkyriesquadron.com) and artist for webcomic Hard Graft (http://hard-graft.net)

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  1. Chris Tupa says:

    Another nice one! Great expression!

  2. Interesting. I like how your poses so far all display confident characters AND portray each character’s individual personality.

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