#14 “Professor Hipster”

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Okay, well that's not his REAL name
“Professor Hipster” aka Preston is an failure analysis engineer working at Valhalla station, who works alongside Trey Zantha for third party defense firm, Aperture Tiburon. The nickname was coined by Zantha not so much to make fun of him (okay, he’s making fun of him a little), but more to point out the obvious. “Professor Hipster” is a hipster. And an engineer. In space. And much like chocolate-covered bacon he’s something that shouldn’t exist, but yet he does.

Preston himself is a nice, cheerful fellow. He’s very knowledgeable and always willing to help his fellow hipster man. He enjoys drinking horribly cheap beer and eating very questionable recipes (like chocolate-covered bacon) for irony’s sake. The man must have an iron constitution because for all his carousing, he never calls in sick. The only real reason anyone might take issue with him is his bizarre hipster fashion sense. And the chin beard.

Seriously, I dare you to go through a business meeting and NOT stare at that thing. It’s haunting.

Don’t stare at the chin beard.

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