#12 Augon O’Roshy

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12 後男

Augon O’Roshy • The Burning Beneath

Augon O’Roshy comes for those who die “burned out”, who die being hunted, who die of gunshot wounds and on the run. He points the way to the Parade to those who die fighting, whether literally or figuratively. His left side is entirely of flames when he travels the World Layers, and his ember is where the human heart is anatomically situated. Augon is covered in stitches and cauterization, as are those he leads to the Parade; marked by the passion that eventually consumes them.

Augon is obsessive-compulsive. When he meets a soul that has shed its human layer, he makes sure he sees it himself before he points the soul to the Parade. He is often the most excitable, especially when Ghost Month comes along, and sometimes borders on being annoying to the Junior Executive » for “going the extra mile”. Because he enjoys tattoos, he often sees Toushou-Xhiblins » when the latter is not very busy. He is “what is behind” or “beneath”; he is keenly felt when one feels being pursued, or is in pursuit, of something.

Ink on white paper.


for Vaida

Inspired by the Oroshiya » which is loosely translated to “Russian Fireball,” a violent, flaming will ‘o the wisp. He has tattoos obscured by his tunic that are reminiscent of the vor v zakone tattoos. I made him resemble a gangster type, complete with the stomach bindings. His lower trousers are actually reminiscent of hakama. His name is an amalgam of Ogon (Rus., ‘fire’) and Orochi, a mythological Japanese snake deity.

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  1. I like the fire effect coming off his arm and shoulder. That stylized look is really quite cool.

  2. K says:

    @Micah » Thank you! 🙂 I’m aiming for the whole set to look like ink scroll art.

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