El Loco character Bible # 6-7: El Temor/Asesino

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El Temor:

That was the origainal tittle for El Loco but the main character didn’t fit the name so I changed it to Loco.  El Temor means fear in english. He is my Batman character. Insane person that lost himself in this whole persona.


Asesino is assassin in English.  Edward Pena is a hired gun that kills because he is damn good at it. He was in the army and was trained to kill but never trained to stop.  Black Ops and secret services denied him for his mental state and he decided to work for the local gangs and mafias.

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I am a amature comic book writer. I have wrote a comic for the Girl Scouts and my creator own project "El Loco". I am the promotional manager for the Tucson Comic-Con and social media/networking manager for the Phoenix Comicon.

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  1. Are these guys both from the same story?

  2. @Micah Yes. El Temor is El Loco’s (the main character) ally on his fight against crime in his city. Asesino is a villain in my story.

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