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My next two characters are the two brothers, Signet and Answer. I have significantly less information about them. Most of my characters aren’t as fleshed out as the first two; I spent quite a while thinking about them. Anyway so the premise for these two bros is that one is incredibly pretty while the other is incredibly ugly. All the traits that make Signet beautiful are magnified and exaggerated in unpleasant ways for Answer. But that’s not it, because that’s a terrible premise. I’ll be nice and reveal why I gave them such unusual (awful?) names; Signet–> Cygnet, aka a (baby) swan, and Answer–> Anser, the genus for geese. Really the whole swan thing is the only important part. See, swans are gorgeous on the outside, but are giant assholes on the inside. So, a gorgeous guy with a not-so-gorgeous personality and, as what I feel is a natural extension of that, an ugly guy with a beautiful personality. But the beautiful jerk and the unfortunate looking nice guy thing seem overdone (Quasimodo?). Signet isn’t a jerk, he’s a creep. He’s annoying, stalkerish, awkward and rude. You wouldn’t know until he opens his mouth. There is not one part of him that can be considered suave or endearing. Answer is kind and sweet, but not in a nice-guy way. He’s Rhett Butler, “Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy” levels of suave and romantic.

Signet and Answer always hang out together. Girls always hover around Signet but when they discover and are repulsed by his awful personality, they tend to assume that Answer is even worse without even talking to him. If they talked to him first they would see what a great guy he was, but Signet tends to edge in the first word before Answer can say anything.

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