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Miranda is a dragon. Yep. She’s been James’ dragon for a good thirty years. Usually you don’t bond so closely with a dragon because they’re specialized and you get a new one as you move up the ranks. They’re about as smart as crows and are treated as a cross between weapons and warhorses. There isn’t any permanent-magical-bond going on, but if you’re in the same rank for long enough then you do gain a strong friendship in a pet/master way.
Miranda’s a defense dragon, super bulky, super huge, super slow. She’s about 3 1/2 times the size of an elephant and has ankylosaurus-tough armor all over. She can’t fly but she can glide a bit and jump high with wing help. She’s a little rowdy and enjoys crushing people but she loves James and will listen to him when it’s super necessary. She works hard but kinda stopped caring about any human lives other than his. He has to hold her back from doing nasty things sometimes. James loves her but is also terrified that she might get angry he’s ordering her around so much and just kill him. He can never ever really forget how much power she has. She would never do that of course, he’s just kind of paranoid

Okay so James. He’s both the leader of the defensive forces in the war and the trainer for new recruits. He’s in his mid-40’s. He would actually rather…not be in the war, or at least not all up in the front lines.
He’d rather be tending to the wounded and being a nurse-person but that’s restricted to women (aka the witches). He tries to avoid getting hurt or causing hurt to anyone. He used to get in trouble for protecting his unit too well…as in not actually letting them get to the opposing forces (he was secretly trying to protect the opposers as well), and after that, pulling them away too quickly so they’d charge for like 2 seconds until he’d get afraid and tell them to leave. He managed to shape it into an excellent defense technique so that his forces would almost never get hurt and be able to wear down the other side. He’s, over time, become okay with the killing as long as HE’s not doing it, making him kind of hypocritical. He’s also a sort of feminist, less because he wants women to have more jobs and more because he wants to be able to have theirs (previously people’d thought only women could learn to do magic but even though this was proven false before the war, they’re too used to the status quo and really can’t afford to do a giant overhaul of the system cuz, yanno, WAR).

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