Day 1: Sebyn

| November 1, 2010 | 7 Comments

Unfortunately my day one post is sort of a quickie!  I’ve been busy and am leaving to see Tim & Eric in Seattle tonight so not a whole lot of draw time.  Anyway, this is Sebyn.  He belongs to an as of yet unnamed race of creatures who probably inhabit some distant planet etc.

He hails from a small inland village on said planet.  Sebyn is an easygoing guy who gets along with his fellow villagers and whose main role in town is helping out one of the shopkeepers.  He probably has a love interest and big dreams, but we’ll have to wait & see!

PS lots of great submissions so far, keep it up y’all!


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  1. Betsy Luntao says:

    Very cool,I like the color palette. The blue line work really makes the eye and ear colors pop. 😀

  2. Amanda Rachels says:

    Very cool style you have! I cann’t wait to see more from you/

    Enjoy Tim and Eric

  3. This very cool style and color.

  4. I dig the pose – the shifted weight to one foot plus the happy thoughtful look on his face is engaging.

  5. amb0rg says:

    Thanks everyone!

    PS Tim & Eric was great 😉

  6. kouotsu says:

    what is in the bag I hope it’s TRICKS

  7. Julie Leone says:

    He really does look like such a helpful fellow!

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