#4 Azure Jean

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The Sisters of the Stitch were terrified of Gregory. Never before had another soul been able to push it’s way back into a body, especially a body patch-worked together from several other bodies. Fearing he was in league with those seeking to tip the balance they setup a trap. Taking a page from your favorite B-Movies they created the bride for this Frankenstein Monster. What they never expected though was another soul with the same ability.

Azure Jean woke up in a morgue staring down at her dead body. A most unsettling event for sure, her new form wasn’t exactly what she was used to, but it would do. In the ether she lingered watching the Sisters stitch the living flesh together, a voice told her to grab hold of the last thread and ride the needle. The next thing she heard was screams as the Sisters fled and she sat up. Azure Jean can see things, foggy glimpses of the yet to be or might have beens.

Gregory showed up only moments later, his face smile uncharacteristically wide. The trap had worked, but who’s trap was it now?

Azure Jean is part of the Stitchwork Universe, a story I started to develop during last year’s challenge. This story went on to win cover feature of the Mysterious Vision’s anthology over at Small Press Idol with the help of my collaborator Silvina Rinaldi and editor Amanda Orneck. For more details stop by and check it out.

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