09 – SPUNGE!

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… continued from Character #8, СУПЕР ЗВЗДА …

…the ever-expanding SPUNGE!

The Secret Soldiers led by the Gold Gladiator, whose public identity as Senator Trent Day was covered up by rumors of a debilitating illness that rendered him unable to effectively represent the people of Michigan in the U.S. Senate, executed a number of clandestine operations during the first years of their existence taking on the growing threat posed by Korvus Kain and his murderous henchmen and thwarting a number of international, super power related, incidents.  Their presence, once a national secret relegated to conspiracy theories, became publicly known when the first American not present at the Danaian encounter manifested extra-normal abilities.

Sandra “Sandy” Summers hadn’t been feeling well and had acquired a rather obnoxious cough.  She wasn’t going to let a little thing like that stop her from enjoying a day at the lake on the beach.  While lying in the sun, Sandy started coughing uncontrollably.  A stranger gave her a drink of water between convulsions.  The water helped and Sandy stopped coughing but realized how thirsty she had become.  She found a water fountain and began drinking, and drinking, and drinking.  While her thirst was marginally quenched, Sandy started to grow and change; absorbing all of the water she had been imbibing.

When the water fountain began to sputter, Sandy became enraged and with he new found size and strength, tore the fixture from the ground and bellowed for more water.  Turning she saw something that could quench her thirst, the lake.  Shambling toward the body of water, leaving large wet foot prints behind, Sandy waded out into the water and immediately began to grow.  Sandy’s altered appearance loss more humanity and gained more mass the more water she absorbed; and she soaked up a lot of water.

The beach born behemoth posed a threat to not only the people running for safety but for the nearby city as Sandy absorbed more water.  In B-movie tradition, the National Guard was brought in to deal with this human sponge.  When they proved ineffective, the U.S. government saw no alternative short of sending in the Secret Soldiers, though redubbing them the FIVE POINTS of FREEDOM for this public appearance.  With a combination of distraction, for none of the super soldiers could harm the water-logged menace, and a surgical strike to Sandy’s mutated brain, executed by Gold Gladiator and Ms. Mercury, the team toppled the titan, who shriveled down to human size and returned the lake water to its rightful place.

The Spunge was taken into custody and the Five Points of Freedom became national heroes, more so when the Gold Gladiator’s identity was revealed.  Though the first new extra human, the Spunge was hardly the last.  The Five Points faced another unusual challenge when they faced…

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  1. Eric White says:

    Grilled Cheesus!! This is an awesome drawing!!! Love it!!!

    Gross and creepy. Great work!!

  2. MikeDubisch says:

    Awesome- great character!!!

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